UDML's Technological Advantage

The FetchMozzo Platform

Integrated technology is critical to any successful logistics network and the United Delivery Moving Logistics is no different.  

FetchMozzo, an industry specific proprietary software platform, allows our customers to create work orders online, over the phone, or using mobile apps from a mobile phone or tablet.  Contractors closest in proximity and availability along with the highest Service and Compliance Rating will be commissioned to complete work orders.  Customers receive email confirmation of the contractor arriving to provide service and can submit feedback once work is complete.

Licensees have complete control and management over all aspects of their logistics business to include rate management, account management, user and contractor management, and interactive customer management. FetchMozzo allows Licensees to customize the various rates and commissions for each type of service to include single and reoccurring transactions.

FetchMozzo features fully integrated accounting functionality allowing Licensees to monitor and manage itemized income and expense reports, debits and credits, and work order and invoice management. As a Licensee’s business grows, they can create and limit the roles for an unlimited number of users who will assist in managing the various aspects of your broker business.

Fully integrated contractor management allows Licensees to add an unlimited number of contractors and itemize rates of commission based on the type of service, capability, and level of experience. When work orders are created, FetchMozzo recommends which contractors to use based on service proximity, contractor availability, and the propriety Service and Compliance Ratings.  Such proprietary algorithms are essential for operating a successful and growing logistics business with numerous contractors operating in various locations.