Individual, Small Business, Corporate, and Retail Clients


With UDML providers now operating in 28 states and growing, we are pleased to serve extremely diverse clientele in a wide variety of businesses and industries.   

Individual Customers

Whether it's large household items needing to be delivered or other residential services, we are proud to serve an untold number of repeat customers.  Customers can make reservations online or over the phone.  When a work order is created, customers receive email confirmation of the transaction.  When contractors are assigned to reservations, customers receive notification of the contractor who will be providing service along with a courtesy call sharing a targeted time for service.  Once service is complete, customer receive further confirmation along with the opportunity to provide targeted feedback. 

Small Businesses

From local restaurants and convenience stores to storage facilities and estate sales, UDML providers have the opportunity to serve a wide variety of delivery, moving, and loading services for small businesses.  Many small businesses will retain the services of our providers and pay them directly while others will simply refer our providers to their customers.  Regardless of the arrangement, either retainer or referral, we are pleased to serve the needs of our local communities.


Commercial Management Services

Management services charged with maintaining large residential complexes, independent and assisted living facilities, dormitories, and other living facilities routinely outsource a host of services to third party providers to include moving and hauling services, trash removal, lawn care, and more.  Our member providers welcome the opportunity to contract directly with ownership and executive teams and property management services to provide exclusive or support services.  

National Retail and Franchise Partners

Nothing is more satisfying than integrating our services with the supply chain management needs of our retail partners.  No business relies more on effective and highly targeted supply chain management than franchise restaurants and retail stores.  As new providers join our network, we are able to further expand the UDML presence and opportunity into new markets by leveraging the experience, success, and relationship of existing providers with national retailers and franchise businesses.  We welcome the opportunity to contract directly with our retail and franchise partners or simply serve as a customer referral service. 


Corporate Clients

Similar to our retail and franchise partners, many corporate clients such as hospitals, universities, college campuses and large office complexes rely heavily on strong supply chain management systems to ensure effective daily operations.  Needless to say, we are pleased to integrate our services and capabilities to become a critical asset to our corporate partners.   

Let us know how UDML providers can help improve your supply chain management!

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