Becoming a Licensee

Rather than investing hundreds of thousands of dollars in startup capital, paying  franchise fees, asset and real estate acquisition, inventory, employees, and needing to comply with strict corporate policies and procedures, our goal is to help you build your own brand, your own name, and establish your own business network according to your personal vision.  In short, we don't want to limit you, we want to increase you.

Note, this is not a Franchise.  Rather, you are a Licensee with autonomy to build your logistics business your way.  Further, you are not obligated to long-term contracts, paying revenue percentages, purchasing products, materials, or equipment from corporate, or being restricted by someone else's policies and procedures.

As a Licensee, your ONLY obligation is your initial Enrollment Investment, which includes all your private coaching and training materials, and your annual membership fees for access to our proprietary technology.  

If you would like to make serious money leveraging technology and the growing delivery industry serious, please complete and submit your information below:


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